Kevin David & David Arnett & Ramy Salameh
Class Action Lawsuit Signup Form

  1. Were you scammed by Kevin David, David Arnett, or Ramy Salameh? Please sign up for a joint class action lawsuit for scamming you out of your franchise fees and not upholding their end of the agreement you signed.

  2. Do you feel the contract you signed was ignored, or are you in breach of contract because they didn't uphold their end of the agreement?

  3. Were you asked to sign up for other programs after you realized DK Automation would not or could not perform their contract obligation that would end up costing more money to invest?

  4. If your request for a refund is refused and your contract says nothing about no refunds, please fill out this form to join us to get your franchise fee returned.

We are also seeking significant compensatory and punitive damages for fraud, prejudgment interest, attorneys fees, and court costs.